50 Shades of Coaching


Here is a list of about 50 kinds of coaching:

Academic Coaching: Helping One Achieve Academic Excellence

ADD/ADHD Coaching: To Understand the Most Common Learning Disorder – Attention Deficit Disorder / Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Alternative Lifestyle Coaching: To Get You Motivated, Strengthen Your Commitment and Re-align Your Goals

Athlete Coaching: To Help Athletes Live a Balanced Life, Both Personally and Professionally

Assessment Coaching: Walking Through Behavioral, Personality and Other Assessments Like the DISC

Bereavement Coaching: Walking Through Painful Events with a Like Mind

Business Coaching: Your Way to Business Success

Career Coaching: Your Way to Fulfilling Your Financial Dreams

Christian Life Coaching: Your Way to Emotional Maturity and Spiritual Fruitfulness

College Entrance Coaching: Helping You Attend the School of your Dreams

Communication Coaching: Opening Up the Link Between People

Conflict Coaching: Working One on One to Achieve Balance

Co-Parenting Coaching: Helping Divorced Parents Create a Positive, Workable Parenting Relationship

Couples Coaching: Improving Communication Between Partners

Creativity Coaching: Creative Struggle is Integral to the Life of the Artist

Divine Purpose Coaching: To Re-Identify and Connect with One’s Centre

Divorce Coaching: Helping People Transition to a New Life

End of Life Coaching: Helping Those Left Behind

Entrepreneur Coaching: For More Than Starting up a New Business

Ethics Coaching: Living with Authenticity

Executive Coaching: Moving the C-Suite On an Up  to Take Your Team to the Next Level

Family Coaching: Helping Families Work Through Difficult Issues

Health and Wellness Coaching: Focusing on the Whole Being

Holistic Health Coaching: Finding the Light at the End of the Tunnel  and Balancing the Mind, Body and Spirit

Laughter Coaching: To Bring More Lightness and Freedom

Leadership Coaching: Putting You in the Right Direction to Chart the Course for Others

Life Coaching: Your Way to Personal Success

Men’s Empowerment Coaching: Helping Men Succeed with Excellence

Military Transition Coaching: Helping You Adapt to Civilian Life

Motivational Coaching: Helping One Achieve Personal Excellence

Nature Coaching: Helping to Become One with Nature

New Age Coaching: Self-help and New Thought Modalities

Organizational Coaching: Clearing the Way to Clarity and Direction

Parenting Coaching: Helping Parents Communicate and Understand their Children

❖ Pastoral Coaching: Coming Alongside Shepherds of God’s People

Peer Coaching: Coaches Coaching Coaches

Personal Development Coaching: Centers Around the Aspects of One’s Personal life

Personal Finance Coaching: Your Way to Financial Freedom

Physician Coaching: Helping Physicians Find a New Journey

Recovery Coaching: Your Way to Recovering with Success

Relationship Coaching: Building Personal and Professional Relationships

Retirement Coaching: Transitioning to a New Life Stage

Sales Coaching: Your Way to Increased Success and Profitability

Self-Esteem Coaching: Helping People with Feelings of Value and Worth

Singles Coaching: Helping Singles Find Healthy, Loving Relationships

Special Needs Coaching: Helping Disabled Families and Individuals

Spiritual Coaching: Helping People to Connect to the Divine

Stress Management Coaching: Helping People Identify and Reduce Stress

Success Coaching: Your Pathway to Personal and Professional Success

Transitional Coaching: Helping People Through Big Life Changes

Transpersonal Coaching: Finding Your Greatest Potential

Weight Loss Coaching: Discovering New Healthy Lifestyles

Women’s Empowerment Coaching: Encouraging Women to Embrace Their Talents

Youth Empowerment Coaching: Encouraging Young People to Discover and Fulfill Their Potential


This list is an adaptation of a list of 52 Life Coaching Niches Working Miracles Everyday by our coaching partner Barbara Wainright. You may go here to download a free copy of the book to discover which coaching niche is right for you!




  1. Israel Hirwa says:
    July 15, 2021

    Thank you for this information. We all need a coach.

    • Yaw Perbi says:
      July 21, 2021

      Yes Israel, we all do. And don’t hire a coach who has no coach! LOL!


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