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There is no life without breathing, inspiring. Whether through books, speaking, training or coaching the single, most-used word to describe Yaw’s deliveries has been ‘INSPIRING.’  As an international speaker, whether addressing Pre-teens, Professionals or Presidents in Ghana, Nigeria, Cote d’Ivoire, South Africa, the USA, Guatemala, Canada, Mexico, Taiwan, Hungary, Malaysia, Japan, India, Turkey, China, Philippines… the most frequent word used to describe his speeches has been, “INSPIRING.”

Incidentally, ‘inspire’ has Anglo-French and Latin roots: Anglo-French inspirer, from Latin inspirare, from in- + spirare—to breathe.  After encountering Yaw, people’s spirits are lifted, ideas are ignited, and people not only believe ‘Yes we can!’ they actually do something!

Yaw Perbi has an immense gifting to evoke in others the capacity to dream, to become better versions of themselves.  He inspires and challenges people to:

  • Be dissatisfied with the status quo and be willing to put themselves at risk. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
  • Take responsibility and stop making excuses.
  • Live out their passion–that is the only way to really make a difference in the world, make a ‘dent in the universe.’
  • See the possibilities in a present reality while others are seeing the limitations.
  • Be ready to stand out in a crowd.
  • Be Principle-centred in all their dealings. “Like any game,” he says, “the game of life has rules. If you live by them, life will reward you; if you don’t, life will punish you!”
  • Live TOTAL lives; that they take care of the physical (health and wealth), social (friends and family), mental and spiritual lives well.  What’s life if it’s not holistic!
  • There is no telling the thousands of people, literally, whose ideas, energy and capacities have been liberated, whose family or business dreams have become a reality through the inspiration of Dr. Yaw Perbi.



In Yaw’s native African culture they say, “Sika y3 mogya.” Money is lifeblood. The root of all evil in our world today is money—the love or the lack thereof.  What is L.I.F.E. without money?  “Money is a great servant but a terrible master.”

Dr. Yaw Perbi is acknowledged by many as the “grandfather” of Investment Clubs in Ghana, having founded the premier investment club in the country, Medics Investment Club, while still a medical student.  His book, Financial Whizzdom through Investment Clubs, is still the only one in the country which comprehensively addresses the subject and has inspired the birth of numerous investment clubs nationwide.  Yaw is also a co-founder of a collective investment fund for (para)medics known as Mutual Medics (M2).  He holds certificates from the Ghana Stock Exchange and Investment Funds Institute of Canada. For two years he consulted for Investors Group, Canada.  He is an associate of World Financial Group Canada and Board Chair of Adeshe Real Estate Company (AREC) in Quebec, Canada.

For many years he has taught what he calls, ‘Financial Whizzdom.’  In 2001 he pioneered the premier investment club in Ghana, West Africa, called Medics Investment Club, while still a medical student.  In the early years of his medical studies, he simultaneously pursued courses at the Ghana Stock Exchange and was duly certified in Basic Securities, Advanced Securities, Securities Selling and Investment Advice and Securities Trading.  He also has pursued and passed the Canadian Investment Funds Course, leading to a Mutual Fund Dealer’s license. Additionally, Yaw is qualified to administer Canadian Registered Education Savings Plans (RESPs), having excelled in the RESPDAC (RESP Dealers Association of Canada) exams.

Yaw Perbi’s book, Financial Whizzdom through Investment Clubs, still remains the first and only publication in Ghana that comprehensively addresses the subject.  He has taught Financial Whizzdom to literally thousands of people in various countries, based on his book Financial Whizzdom, first published in 2004.

Dr. Perbi co-founded Mutual Medics, an investment fund for (para)medics currently being managed by Databank Asset Management.  He is a board member.

For a couple of years Yaw was a Consultant Financial Advisor with Investors Group in Canada.  He is still an Associate of World Financial Group of Canada.



Yaw believes that any approach to LIFE without considering the spiritual not only fall short of holistic; it is dangerous.

Incorporeality—in other words, spirituality—comes from the Latin incorporeus “without body,” from in “not”+ corpus “body”. Yaw believes there is a whole world beyond material form, body, or substance; the metaphysical, if you like.

Though trained in human “hard ware” (the body), as a medical doctor, Dr. Perbi has always been more intrigued by and passionate about what he calls “the software that runs people” (paradigms, attitudes, beliefs, values etc.) rather than just their “hardware” because the former determines the state of the latter.

Through books, articles, websites, videos and live appearances, he has always motivated people on live LIFE to the maximum, focusing on Leadership, Investments, Fitness (health and holistically), Ethics and spiritual matters.  Regarding the latter, he believes the ‘matter of the heart is the heart of the matter, ALL matters.’

You will be challenged to:

  • Be open-minded and have an open heart.
  • Be paradigm-shifting:  “When you come across new information that makes you realise that a certain way you’ve been thinking and acting is making you ineffective, SHIFT YOUR PARADIGM!” (Yaw Perbi)
  • Be character-based in all your dealings–nothing to hide, nothing to prove and nothing to hide. That’s integrity!

Your LIFE, our business. We are LIFE doctors.

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Your LIFE, our business. We are LIFE doctors.