Life can really suck.  Originally published in 2003 to commemorate his silver jubilee, this revised and expanded edition of Positiveness: a Fuel for Success incorporates many more of the author’s life situations in which he has had to call on positiveness to pull him through and save the day. These riveting stories are in addition to several portraits of positiveness from history and well-known figures today. You will discover what positiveness is (not the same as positivism) as it is defined in a memorable way, why you need it, how it shows and practical ways to refuel positiveness for your life and leadership on our post-pandemic planet. This book contains about 100 classic positiveness quotes from the mouths of greats. While it is generally motivational, it does not shy away from the spiritual. Yes, life can really suck, and positiveness is the fuel for growth, success and significance. Fill up now with this read!



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