Do The People You Lead TRUST and RESPECT You? Time To Find Out!

Trust is the foundation of all leadership. Earning the trust and respect of the people you lead may take years but can be lost overnight.

Sometimes people endure the pain and discomfort of a leader because they need the salary and have nowhere else to go. Or they may choose to respect your position but distrust you as a person. That’s sad. That is particularly sad because pure leadership emanates from the personal power of the person of a leader, not their positional power.

It’s even sadder to go about your daily tasks as a leader without an awareness of what the people you lead think and feel about you. That’s because a time of crisis will strike one day and you’ll behold, for the first time, the true colours of the people who have been smiling and bowing before you in the corridors of your organization.

In times of crisis, leaders who are not trusted and respected are left to hang. The led leave without notice and never look back. Unfortunately, some leaders still fail to read the signs and instead blame everything and everyone else except themselves.

What kind of legacy do you want to build as a leader? Do trust and respect matter to you and are you intentional about building them?

Here are five reasons why trust and respect are important:

  1.     When followers trust you, they’re more likely to do what you ask and even go the extra mile to help you succeed.
  2.     When followers trust you, they’ll freely share ideas, feedback and solutions that will help the organization achieve its goals.
  3.     When followers trust and respect you, they’ll consult you anytime even after they stop working for you.
  4.     When followers trust you, they’ll recommend you to other people.
  5.     When followers trust you, they’ll warn you when you’re in danger and stick by you even in times of crisis.

At YAW PERBI we conduct Trust, Respect & Reputation Surveys for organizations. This concise, confidential and customized survey will give you a clear picture of what your staff think about you as a leader, your board and managers.

This is what Kenneth Magembe, the Managing Director of Armstrong Consulting Engineers, said after conducting this survey in his company, “Never take things for granted. Small things easily affect the trust of my staff. Integrity and fulfilling promises are key drivers for improving employees’ trust.”

The survey will measure your;

  • Fairness when dealing with staff
  • Response to staff’s ideas, suggestions and requests
  • Listening skills
  • Display of integrity in your character, conduct and conversations
  • Delivery of promises
  • Confidentially of staff’s personal information
  • Staff’s confidence in your qualifications, skills and experience
  • Staff’s sense of loyalty to you
  • Concern for the well-being of your staff
  • Modelling of company’s core values

Once the staff has completed the survey, we’ll deliver a comprehensive report of the results, interpret them and provide concrete and practical suggestions for building, reinforcing or restoring trust, respect and great reputation in your leadership in the organization.

You’ll also get a free one-hour coaching session with one of our certified professional coaches to set smart goals in this important aspect of your leadership.

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  1. Kenneth Magembe says:
    May 20, 2022

    I have this feeling that I delayed in exposure to such wonderful leadership qualities and the knowledge of existence of such surveys.

    At times it makes me reflect on all the resources I have had in the past and the ones we could have lost simply because their trust in me was below their expectations. I am grateful to Yaw Perbi and team that they have opened me up to a whole new world of self discovery and personal growth as a leader. Its a journey I am committed to stay on until I see my self positively impacting others because I believe that the ultimate goal of any leader is positive influence of communities.


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