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If my DISC assessment results had turned out different, I would not be working as the COO of YAW PERBI Executive Education. When I applied, my employer knew the personality style for the position. Unknown to me, the last interview was to take the DISC assessment. I took it and the results were positive; Peacemaker SC!

I got the job.

Perhaps you’ve encountered different personality assessments out there. But the DISC is the most widely used by individuals and companies around the world.

The DISC is an acronym for Dominant|Direct, Influencing|Inspiring, Steady|Stable and Compliant|Correct. It assesses a person’s personality style as regards their strengths, weaknesses, dislikes, fears and motivations. It also reveals one’s level of strengths of influencing, directing, processing, detailing, creating, persisting and relating in leadership.

Sometimes conflicts arise in the workplace that affect productivity and lead to high employee turnover not because people are bad per se but simply because they don’t understand each other.

Here is how you and your HR department can benefit from DISC assessments:

Benefit #1: Stronger Self-Awareness

The DISC allows you to know your personality style – your strengths and weaknesses, what motivates or discourages you, likes and dislikes, and whether you’re energized or dampened by social interactions. All this information is key in your personal growth and can help determine focus areas for further training and development.

Rather than waste time trying to be like someone else, you should focus on maximizing your strengths and becoming the best version of yourself. And rather than struggle to become strong in your weak areas, you can partner, delegate or hire someone who is strong in that area.  

The more you become self-aware, the more you appreciate the differences in others and you’ll begin to treat them as their personality demands.

Benefit #2: Clearer Communication

How we communicate can build or destroy our relationships. The DISC introduces you to the different ways different personality styles communicate and how they process information.

For instance, the Influencing personality style dislikes complex tasks, pays less attention to details and has a low attention span. If you give them a 100-page report to review in two days, you’ll have crucified them. But give the same report to a Compliant personality style who is detailed, systematic and analytical, and it will be a piece of cake.

When stakeholders in an organization appreciate the different ways people communicate according to their personality style, they’ll cooperate better, resolve conflicts faster and reach consensus amicably.

Benefit #3: Tighter Teams

The DISC is useful right from the recruitment stage to determine who has the personality style for the position.

For instance, if a company wants to hire a salesperson who has to be out of the office most of the time to get clients, a Compliant personality type will expire fast! Why? Because they’re introverted and will prefer to sit behind the desk and do detailed tasks like accounts. But an Influencing personality style who is talkative, friendly and persuasive will be thrilled to meet new people and close deals.

It’s also a fact that we’re motivated differently. A Dominant style is motivated by new challenges, authority to take risks and freedom from routine. On the other hand, a Compliant style is motivated by limited social interactions, detailed tasks and standards of high quality.

An HR personnel who understands the personality styles and behaviours of employees will motivate them in ways that speak most to them and create an ideal environment where each style can flourish.

If your HR department is not in a position to purchase a DISC assessment for you, this is an investment in yourself you need to consider. Knowing your personality style and being able to assess the personality of others will enlarge your perspective of self and others, improve your communication and empower you to become a better team player. Unexpected doors open for those who know how to harness the greatest asset in an organization – people.

A DISC is also a perfect gift to give a loved one. Not only will they become self-aware but you’ll know them better yourself too and love them according to the needs of their personality style.


If you have any inquiries about the DISC, do not hesitate to get in touch with us via I am one of the Accredited DISC coaches and Certified Behavioural Consultants with YAW PERBI at your service.

To purchase the DISC assessment Click HERE.

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