Sorry, I’m not your Servant because I’m Black.

At the VIP lounge at Heathrow


Dawid has a Black father and White mother (he doesn’t say in this video but I know the family well; a year ago I was in his parents’ home in the UK), and as you might already know just a speck, a drop, of Black in your genes makes you Black (don’t ask me why).

I can really relate to Dawid’s experience of it being assumed you’re a waiter or shop attendant or security officer, even at a building you may own, just because you’re Black. Incidentally, the first time I ever stepped in London was only in transit. Typically, as a frequent traveller I would be at the airport VIP lounge if there isn’t enough time to go gallivanting in the city or I have other work to do.

Being the only one of ?two Black persons at this Heathrow lounge a couple of years ago, a certain White couple wielding their empty plates around the buffet assumed I was a server and must’ve been totally embarrassed (or maybe they weren’t) when I politely smiled and said I had no idea how to help them with their request.

As a SERVANT-LEADER learning to humbly serve all humanity like Jesus my Master, the feet-washer, I’m willing to serve anyone, anywhere, at anytime (as I’m able) at my Master’s beckoning; BUT NOT BECAUSE I’M BLACK!

Anyway! Thank you my brother and friend, Dawid, for this video.

Again, for those who really want to learn and take action about the truth that #BlackLivesMatter, over to you. Be an ally to those of us with kinky hair with the kinks in the system, even if it was built that way!

Video of Dawid Konotey-Ahulu




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