Too Many ‘Big’ Men and Women on the Outside yet so Little on the Inside!

Few birds can boast of the exterior of the peacock and yet…    Photo Credit: Alexander Spatari/Getty Images


Carmen Bernos de Gasztold has a collection of poems called The Creature’s Choir which I just ordered (something I should’ve 3-4 years ago!). In it, she puts prayers in the mouths of animals and birds. Bob Fryling, in his book The Leadership Ellipse: Shaping How We Lead by Who We Are, first brought my attention to the peacock’s cry.

This beautiful bird proudly describes its external beauty, while humbly mourning its discordant cry and mournful heart:

“Lord, let a day come,
a heavenly day,
when my inner and outer selves
will be reconciled in perfect harmony.”

Amen and amen!



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