American Shitocracy and African Shitholes

‘Shit hole’ status is not the preserve of any people group, state or nation. Seasons change. Kingdoms rise and fall with terrific and terrible leadership respectively. Great civilizations have come and gone. If Africa continues on a trajectory of principle-centred, values-based, effectual leadership and America continues on her trajectory of shit-based leadership for long enough the tables will turn!

“I’ll be watching because history is going to be made,” were Trump’s inspirational words to ginger his soon-to-be-desecrating supporters who forced their way into the Capitol to interrupt the democratic transfer of power. Photo credit: Roberto Schmidt/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images


Bit by bit we’ve seen the shroud of so-called American exceptionalism come apart. Rent piece by piece, she’s revealing her warts to a watching world, stuck at home. What she’s done well for over 200 years to conceal—and not wash her dirty linen in public either—a combination of democratized social media, a TRUMPeting emperor with no clothes and a plaguing pandemic have conspired to expose. Lynchings like George Floyd’s are not new; it’s the handy smart phones and social media apps at the finger tips that capture and broadcast these which are.

Last Wednesday’s attempted coup d’état at the U.S. Capitol was the nadir of the last four years’ declivitous decline from apparent democracy to real shitocracy. I am not one to use the s-word; I’m only playing on the words of the supposed most powerful man on earth. Many aspects of the attack on the ‘people’s house’ by armed rioters a.k.a. domestic terrorists dropped my jaws (and kept my mouth agape) but the most shocking was literally the filthiest of all: desecration of the House with faecal matter, well-known in ‘shit hole countries’ as ‘shit bombing’. Just when you thought America could sink no further. 

The shit-hole-country-conferring president of the Divided States of America inspired this group of shit bombers.

Thieves of democracy scaling walls like thieves do, as in the words of the New York Times, “largely unimpeded by police as they stormed the Capitol.” Photo credit: Jason Andrew for The New York Times


Let me tell America(ns) how we, Africans, got shit holed: LEADERSHIP! A long string of shit hole leadership like you’ve now gotten in the Black House (it’s only painted white and so-called but we know it was built by Blacks). If Africa continues on a trajectory of principle-centred, values-based, effectual leadership and America continues on her trajectory of shit-based leadership for long enough the tables will turn! You know how I know? Because “everything rises and falls on leadership,” E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-NG, shit and all. And that is a principle; a timeless, fundamental law of the universe that is no respecter of persons: red or yellow, black or white.

‘Shit hole’ status is not the preserve of any people group, state or nation. Seasons change. Kingdoms rise and fall with terrible and terrific leadership respectively. Great civilizations have come and gone. And I mean, greater civilizations than America, and that dominated for much longer than the toddling USA. America could be tomorrow what we call “ancient Egypt” today. Or even the beggarly Greece today, yes, Socrates, Aristotle and Plato’s Greece of yestercentury. In the last decade Portugal found itself borrowing money from her former colony Angola.

Meanwhile, my Ghanaian-Canadian children today wonder what is so ‘Great’ about Britain. Brexit?  As for America, in the last few weeks we’ve spent more time at our Family Altar repeatedly praying for political peace in America and for the eradication of ignorance and disease (COVID-19) there than we have prayed about any of these for Africa!

Now to my fellow Africans.  In the light of how backward America has proven to be recently, perhaps it is beginning to dawn on you that we may not be as backward as they (and some others) would like us to think! After all, when our ancestors were building pyramids their European forebears were but Barbarians (note: barbarian or barbaric is still not a fluttering word in the English dictionary today). 

At the very time when there were prolonged pre, para and post electoral tensions in America, even with a sitting president refusing to concede but rather raising false alarms of a rigged election, Ghana figuratively and literally came from behind to vote, certify results within 72 hours and has already sworn-in a new president (an occasion the American president nominated American officials to attend). Now, look who’s shit hole!

No one would’ve imagine such a notice from the U.S. Embassy in Ghana four years ago! “Our heartfelt gratitude to the many citizens of Ghana who sent messages of support during those difficult hours”? Wow!


Which is worse: being called shit hole or being shitty? It was America’s shitocracy that christened African countries as shit hole. But neither shitocracy nor shit hole is good enough for Africa or America. I have substantial interest in the prosperity of both peoples on both sides of the Atlantic–and so does the whole world stand to benefit. So upward and onward with godly, principle-centred, values-based, effectual leadership for the benefit of our peoples and to the glory of God. No more shit–shit holing, shit hollering or shit bombing. We were made for so much more than this.

Africa! America! African-Americans, arise, clean up and shine! Let our worst years be the last four; and our worst days among the last four too.




  1. William Altimas says:
    January 9, 2021


    Totally agree.

    When this shame took place on January 6, 2021 my thoughts at the time were that we could export Trump to a “shit hole country” in Africa as he qualifies against some of the. bad leaders, Idi Amin, Mugabe but even them are possibly better than Trump. I did not post it, because Africa is better than Trump and do not deserve it.

    I thought he could be exported to Diego Garcia as that is about no-where.

    Bill Altimas

    • Yaw Perbi says:
      January 10, 2021

      That’s simultaneously serious and funny, Bill.
      God save the earth!

  2. Reindorf Perbi says:
    January 10, 2021

    An amazing rendition. Much, much food for thought and reflection. Many many thanks.

    • Yaw Perbi says:
      January 10, 2021

      Thank you sir. You are too kind.
      This is really from my heart!

  3. Kingsley Kwayisi says:
    January 13, 2021

    An amazing rendition of what the last four reveals for a leader who pretends to know God but has no real relationship with him. Never a dull moment with you Dr P. Keep leading!

    • Yaw Perbi says:
      January 13, 2021

      Lol! You’re too kind, my friend! This one, really came from my heart; or rather to keep with the ‘shit’ theme, straight from my gut! Lol! Blessings as you lead Africa out of ‘shithole’ status, perceived and real!


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