You Don’t Know What You’re Missing!

An August 2021 training for the Certified Professional Coach designation as a collaboration between Yaw Perbi (YP) Executive Education company and Wainright Global. We represented several U.S. states (from coast to coast), Canada, England, Ghana, Kenya, Romania, Rwanda and Uganda.


Growing up, my father was an ardent follower of the gospel singer André Crouch.  Consequently I got indoctrinated early, hearing these songs from vinyl records at home and cassette tapes in the car.  One of Crouch’s Christian apologetic songs that still rings in my mind today boldly claimed, “You don’t know what you’re missing until you’ve met the Lord!”  Having met the Lord myself, I concur. But today, let me share what else you don’t know you’re missing.

I would really love to talk to you about the power of coaching.  I say you don’t know what you’re missing because in my experience, most people don’t grasp the power of coaching, no matter how hard I try to explain the power of coaching to them until they have tasted it for themselves, even if it is a free 30-minute ‘chemistry session.’  It’s one of those you-don’t-know-what-you-don’t-know-until-you’ve-experienced-it kind of things. It really makes me to see the wisdom in sales strategies like the ones car salesmen employ, where they allow you to do a free test drive. As you sink into the comfort of those leather seats and cruise in that Mercedes, Range Rover or whatever, all of us a sudden you realize what you’ve been missing and that you really ‘needed’ this car, you just didn’t know it prior! (laughs)



Until I got a coach myself, there were certain things like revising and expanding my old books that had stalled for ten years!  All of a sudden, with the clarity that came from the socratic questioning and the power of accountability I got going, and have never turned back since.  That was passive income and active impact I had been leaving on the table for a decade! This experience is one of the reasons I insist that even a coach needs a coach.  Every leader needs a coach. In fact, every breathing human being needs a coach!



At Yaw Perbi (YP), C-level/C-suite executives are our strong suit.  One of our earliest encouragements in our coaching practice was when a Vice President of a significant global mining firm who had been cautiously optimistic about coaching signed up to try it for six months.  By her first couple of sessions she was enjoying the benefits of coaching–the inspiration, clarity of thought, transformation, skills, resources, accountability etc.–so much that she offered to give her best friend, an engineer with a multilateral organization, a birthday gift of a six-month coaching package from YP.

While I wait to share their powerful testimonials with you via video powerful 1-2 minute videos, here is a short and impressive one-minute video of Dr. Chinweike Eseonu, a Nigerian coaching client resident in the United States.  This former professor of engineering at Oregon State University met his 12-month coaching goal in half the time, through our coaching!  Again, his too was a six-month gift from his sister, a medical doctor in the States. Chinweike and another coaching client in the United States have both met their coaching outcome to find new jobs that they are passionate about and which pay them much better.  In fact, the other coaching client has had a 51% pay raise in her new offer, which also affords her an opportunity to move from her current state of Texas to Wisconsin, away from a lot of bad memories from a hard divorce.



Friend, if you’re not being coached, you are missing out a lot! Get coached today! One of the things we want to ensure does not become an excuse is, “well, there are not enough good, certified coaches around.”  Also others like, “I cannot find one I have good chemistry with” or “there’s none within my budget.”

At our executive education company, we are on a coaching revolution to see every leader being helped to authentically live and optimally make decisions by training and certifying 60 Certified Professional Coaches (CPC) between August and December who will then impact another 700-800 leaders by the end of the year.

So apart from getting coached yourself, if you are someone who loves people, loves to see people develop, if you have the patience to listen to others without judgment and create a safe space where through your powerful, socratic follow-up questioning they can clarify their thoughts and desires regarding their lives and goals and provide the accountability for follow-through, then why not get trained and certified to help others in this way?  It is a great way to make impact and income simultaneously.

The are people waiting for you to help them, from ‘the least of these’ to the highest flying leaders. Every leader needs a coach, and I’m proud to be part of the biggest network of coaches in Africa, Breakfast Club Africa, with the big dream that one day every African president will have a coach. The continent will not be same; you won’t recognize the African continent because not only will these leaders be supported to make optimal decisions and to be authentic leaders, they would have the framework for voluntary accountability to deliver what they have said to themselves (let alone to the masses) that they want to accomplish.

Below is the information for the next round of training and certification on September 25 & 26, 2021. Join the revolution! Register now, here.




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