CONFESSIONS OF THE CALLED (#)2: Why Reversal is Suicidal

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    RESETTING THE STAGE So Mark Labberton, author of Called, argues that Jesus’ two-word directive, “Follow me,” is the primary call that creates and defines our vocation (Labberton 2014, 9). While this seems basic it is quite revolutionary. This is not the approach or content I had anticipated from the title of the book. […]

CONFESSIONS OF THE CALLED (#1): “Honey, I Think we Overdid it”

Of course ‘everyone’ wants to know, “why on earth am I here?” Why else would authors sell a tonne of books on that! But as I discover more about this valid existential question, some of my strong views and approaches to the whole issue of purpose/calling are being challenged and changed. This is a series […]

Who are these Muslim ambassadors extraordinaire?

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Life seems simpler when we can stereotype and put people and things in a box. But when your mental caricature is challenged by hitherto unknown facts or up close and personal encounters you had better shift your paradigm. Ghana’s new vice-president and his wife are making many re-think what being Muslim could look like. Read more.

How to Start the New Year Right

A laser focus on God and goals through a concentrated time of fasting, reflection, purposeful planning and prayer at the start of every year has done wonders for my family, friends and I over the last 10 years. Why change a winning strategy?   WHAT GOT ME GOING “Are we doing it again in 2017?” is […]

Focus on Family First

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The following is a Memo sent from the Office of the Global CEO to all The HuD Group members, associates and partners worldwide through the various country CEOs and will be of great benefit to anyone who wants to be inspired and empowered to fulfill their God-given purpose and reach their full potential. First of […]

Pourquoi ai-je acheté une maison avant même d’acheter une télé ?

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Puisque le voyage pour l’indépendance financière prendra plus de temps que vous ne le pensiez et sera plus difficile que vous ne l’imaginiez, le moins que vous puissiez faire est de «définir vos priorités», pendant cette Noël !   QUEL NOEL? PAPA NOEL! Youpi, c’est encore Noël ! C’est l’une de ces fêtes d’anniversaire étranges où […]

Why I bought a house before ever buying a TV

Posted by on Dec 22, 2016 in Faith, Finance | 3 Comments

 Since the journey to financial freedom will take you longer than you think and be tougher than you envisage the least you could do is to put ‘first things first,’ even this Christmas!   WHAT CHRISTMAS? CLAUSMAS! Yay it’s Christmas again! It’s one of those strange birthday parties where the birthday celebrant is largely ignored; […]

What Trumps Trump’s Win!

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What is more disappointing than a Trump win is the trumpeting of “functional atheists” following the declaration of the winner of the U.S. general election. I slept early this morning and woke up later this morning, thanks to my earnest following of the November 8 U.S. Presidential election results. I remember having the privilege of walking around […]

Why God hasn’t killed Obinim…yet!

You don’t have to be well-versed in the Bible to know this self-styled ‘Bishop’ is a false prophet; so why the heck is he allowed to operate freely and with such audacity…            and for so long?   TRUE OR FALSE? The day I got on the same flight with ‘Bishop’ […]

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