Why Being an ‘African Christian’ isn’t an Oxymoron.

A friend and old school mate asked an ‘innocent question’ on Face Book: “Why is African Traditional Religion confused with wizardry or witchcraft?” Some of the responses I saw got my missiological juices going! My grandfather, who was so well-eulogized in The New York Times when he passed away last year (March 2019), was so […]

It takes both.

Leadership takes both being and doing, identity and purpose, character and charisma. In fact, who we are is even more important than what we do, for the latter flows from the former. To lead well it takes both. Always. One without the other is dead on arrival.   A royal train, Lord, more scintillating than […]

COVIDic Times: We really don’t like children that much! | Part 3/3

This final instalment is for those who agree that childbearing and childrearing is hard but worth it, especially in the light of the mission of God. Imagine what earthly contributions of eternal ramifications one could make with a 200-year family vision.     Children are many things we don’t like but they can be real […]

DEEP MENTORING | A 2020 focus; a lifetime pursuit.

In an April 15, 2020 memo to members, alumni, associates and partners of The HuD Group worldwide through the various country CEOs, the Global CEO bared his heart out regarding a paradigm and practice that is direly needed: deep mentoring.   “So deeply do we care for you that we are determined to share with you not […]

Church in a Century of COVIDic Captivity | Epistle 4

GOD IS AT WORK; LET’S GET TO WORK! By Julius Duah Coomson The end product of any masterpiece can hardly be imagined in the midst of the scanty scaffolding on site, seemingly aimless paint strokes on a canvas or meandering strands of textile. But for faith in the genius of the master craftsman one would […]

COVIDic Times: We really don’t like children that much! | Part 2/3

So what is the paradigm shift we need, a totally different worldview, in order for us to embrace and love children as the ‘blessing’ that they are supposed to be? Those who are too smart to have/raise children will actually soon not be here anymore–and there will be little evidence that they were even ever […]

COVIDic Times: We really don’t like children that much!

This is going to be hard to swallow but it is a call to reexamine our hearts to see how much we really dislike children and why. We may not like to acknowledge it  but the stresses and constraints of COVID-19 have exposed us.     “I prefer dogs to children.” Even when we had […]


By  Dr. Susie Ubomba-Jaswa In a matter of a few shorts weeks COVID-19 has totally changed life as we know it in virtually every nation on the globe? What on earth is going on in the world? Is Someone trying to get our attention? Will we heed?     A month ago very few, if […]


We all know what is meant by the most popular phrase in the universe right now, ‘social distancing,’ but the term is unacceptable to me on at least three levels. I would rather go for the term ‘spatial distancing’ than ‘social distancing,’ and here’s why.   The world is in wartime mode, fighting a pandemic […]


The time of the prophet Isaiah, in the eighth century BC, was a similar period of turmoil and change in the Near East just as the COVID-19 pandemic has rendered our world today. The people of God had a choice to make between the multitudes of tangible but false gods of the neighbouring states and the […]

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