The time of the prophet Isaiah, in the eighth century BC, was a similar period of turmoil and change in the Near East just as the COVID-19 pandemic has rendered our world today. The people of God had a choice to make between the multitudes of tangible but false gods of the neighbouring states and the […]


If we peeled the pandemic panic layer by layer what would we find lies beneath—what are people really afraid of? While not wanting to spread panic is there not a place for encouraging people to “be afraid”?   The tongue-in-cheek saying that everyone wants to go to heaven but no one wants to die seems rather […]

Church in a Century of COVIDic Captivity | Epistle 3

COVID-19 TESTS: WILL THE CHURCH PASS? By Thomas R. Bosomtwe The Coronavirus pandemic has changed everything; including ‘church.’ This is the third in a series of random thoughts about the Church at a time when COVID-19 threatens to hold us all to ransom.  Guest writer T.R. Bosomtwe examines the suspension of church services in Ghana and […]

Church in a Century of COVIDic Captivity | Epistle 2

DANCE DIFFERENT By Kwamena Bello The Coronavirus pandemic has changed everything; including ‘church.’ In this short and sweet letter to the Church, guest writer Kwamena Bello challenges the church in Ghana to wake up and smell the coffee.   Dear Church, The directive of the State for a four-week cessation of church gatherings following confirmed cases […]

Growing SMALLer

Growth is not just about getting big; sometimes we need to ‘GROW SMALLER.’ This gripping story Reese & Loane share in their classic book Deep Mentoring illustrates the point well:   “Kent and Mike represent a tag-team pastoral effort in a church that has gone through some remarkable transformation over the past twenty years. By […]