The time of the prophet Isaiah, in the eighth century BC, was a similar period of turmoil and change in the Near East just as the COVID-19 pandemic has rendered our world today. The people of God had a choice to make between the multitudes of tangible but false gods of the neighbouring states and the […]

Church in a Century of COVIDic Captivity | Epistle 3

COVID-19 TESTS: WILL THE CHURCH PASS? By Thomas R. Bosomtwe The Coronavirus pandemic has changed everything; including ‘church.’ This is the third in a series of random thoughts about the Church at a time when COVID-19 threatens to hold us all to ransom.  Guest writer T.R. Bosomtwe examines the suspension of church services in Ghana and […]

NATIONAL CATHEDRAL: Vulgar or Virtuous Venture?

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  My Unwholly Holy Initial Thoughts, Honest-to-God ‘To build or not to build?’ is more often than not a rather profound, mind-wracking, heart-churning, soul-searching question, be it for a young couple or a growing congregation, a thriving corporation or even an emerging country! My initial reaction to the notion of building a national cathedral in […]